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Everyone has a right to feel safe in their surroundings. That’s why our science-based approach to mold inspection and testing has been proven to deliver successful solutions to our wide variety of clientele. Mold Inspection Sciences is often asked to contribute to various press outlets and answer questions about the world of mold and allergies. As part of our continued commitment to keeping you informed, we’re pleased to provide you with all of the latest tools, information and company news you’ll need to educate yourself about mold.

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There are a lot of gray areas when it comes to mold. It can be scary, stressful, and it’s not a well-understood problem. If you’re looking to gain a better understanding of what mold is, why it happens, how to stop it from coming back, the variety of mold issues out there, or, if you’re just looking to make sure you’re choosing the right inspection professionals, then you are reading along in the right place

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Our Useful and Informative Infographics

Medical Facility Mold Response Guide

Water and mold damage in a building can be devastating, but the most damaging issues with mold and moisture are often hidden.


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Flood Recovery Checklist

When it comes to water damage, even minor issues should be addressed, be proactive and work on drying out your home within the first 48 hours after water damage first occurs.


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Why Get a Mold Inspection Before Purchasing a Home

Whether a home is new or old, there is always a possibility mold is present.


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Why Get a Mold Inspection Before Renting an Apartment

Whether the rental property is new or old, there is always a possibility mold is present.

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