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Garner was exceptional, he answered all my questions and concerns. Even spoke to my landlord about his findings! I will definitely be referring you guys because of excellent work. Thanks Garner, I really appreciate everything you do.

Janay F. Vallejo, CA, 4/19/2024

Ian was awesome! He was super thorough and knowledgeable. I appreciated his patience in answering all of my questions. The report was very detailed and explanatory. Thank you Mold Inspection Sciences!

Mary S. Golden, CO, 4/17/2024

Mike, our technician who was on site to check for mold within the environment and outside the environment as a control comparison, was helpful, kind, efficient, and answered all of our questions. He was reliable and on time. I highly recommend this company. The prices charged for the services rendered are in keeping with the industry standards.

Lisa O. Los Angeles, CA, 4/11/2024

Mike our mold inspector was kind, knowledgeable, experienced, and honest. He was right on time and conducted a thorough inspection of the unit.

Sandy B. Los Angeles, CA, 4/11/2024

Craig was great! Patient in explaining process, thorough, and pleasant to work with.

Gail A. Portland, OR, 4/10/2024

Very prompt. Very professional. Highly recommend.

L B Bellflower, CA, 4/10/2024
Delighted Client Review

Garner was professional, quick and provided helpful tips.

Alison L. Sausalito, CA, 4/10/2024

Tim was extremely knowledgeable and thorough. I appreciated his expertise and kindness through this challenging time. I would highly recommend Mold Inspection Sciences.

Scarlette Z. Huntington Beach, CA, 4/9/2024

Thorough job that brought much relief and clarity.

Mish Los Angeles, CA, 4/8/2024

Very professional and great communication about the work being done and next steps.

Gail B. Portland, OR, 4/5/2024
Mike was great and very professional! We had a baby napping during the inspection and he worked his way around the baby and very quietly. Great experience thank you Mold Inspection!
Robert P. 4/4/2024

These guys are great! Very professional, highly skilled, tons of experience and excellent customer service!

Dan H. 4/4/2024
Delighted Client Review

He was very friendly and informative and thorough

Marisa H. Berkeley, CA, 4/4/2024
Delighted Client Review

Braden is very knowledgeable, professional and polite. He communicated clearly what he is proposing to do, and why.

Luanne M. Fremont, CA, 4/3/2024
We were very pleased with Mold Inspection Services and especially Craig’s professionalism.
steve planchon 4/1/2024

I initially called Mold Inspection Sciences because I wanted a company that just did inspections for mold and not the remediation if necessary. (No conflict of interest.) I am glad I did. The technician, Craig, explained the process of the inspection, the samples he thought were necessary as well as the costs involved, and when I could expect the results. And, wow, Craig did the inspection and samples on a Tuesday afternoon. I received the results via email on Friday afternoon. Impressive....

Jane West 3/29/2024
Delighted Client Review
Braden was very professional did not go to,ards what i wanted to hear he was straight about letting the test results tell it explained water he was doing and why it needed to be done took his time answered all my questions called me to let me know à brief summery of results very well spoken understandable patient nothing like other company that told me and the owner what he thought we wanted to hear Braden was focused for the task at hand just made it a great experience all around thank you
Daniel G. San Jose, CA, 3/28/2024
Mold Inspection Sciences Client Review
Craig is very thoughtful, knowledgeable, and a great listener. Consummate professional.
Adam D. 3/26/2024

5-star rating

Sohel Rana 3/25/2024
Tim was a big help during the inspection process, it was great interacting with a professional. Thank you!
Constance L. 3/22/2024
Mold Inspection Sciences Client Review
Please see the review; I left, thank you.
Constance W. 3/22/2024
I had trouble finding a Mold testing company who would answer their phone and you were the first one who did. You had great communication and we are very appreciative of all your help.
Patti Matterson 3/20/2024
Mold Inspection Sciences Client Review
Great Job!!!!
Fullerton Free Church 3/20/2024
Mold Inspection Sciences Client Review
Professional, courteous service
Andre T. 3/19/2024
Tim Ruddy is awesome! He's very honest and practical. As a realtor, it's always important for me to have the best team and Mold Inspection Sciences is an integral part.
Sabine Demain 3/19/2024
Mold Inspection Sciences Client Review
Tim Ruddy conducted the mold inspection test at my home. He was prompt, professional, and educational. He had his equipment with him so he did not have to waste time running back and forth to his vehicle. He was informative and patient. I recommend Tim for this type of job.
Marilyn P. 3/15/2024
Tim R. did a thorough inspection and addressed the concerns I had regarding the mold issues within my unit. Tim also explained the various testing samples available and discussed problematic areas within my unit. Happy with the service overall.
Carrie Sharer 3/14/2024
The inspection process was very thorough and the inspector, Tim, was attentive to all my concerns and questions. He did a fantastic job! I feel very confident in this service and will recommend Mold Inspection Sciences to others.
Ashley Kelly 3/14/2024
Mold Inspection Sciences Client Review
Tim and the whole Mold Inspection Sciences team was great. They were easy to work with and when we got the results we had someone call us to help us navigate what the lab results meant. We couldn’t be happier with choosing them!
Veronica E. 3/14/2024
Mold Inspection Sciences Client Review
Steve was spectacular.
Jared W. Eagle, CO, 3/14/2024
Delighted Client Review
Friendly, knowledgeable, helpful!
Teri H. Danville, CA, 3/12/2024
Mike is the absolute best! Efficient and helpful and attention to detail unparalleled! Thank you so much for your full professionalism!
A Satisfied Customer 3/11/2024
Mike is the absolute best! Efficient and helpful and attention to detail unparalleled! Thank you so much for your full professionalism!
jennifer fein 3/11/2024
Tim was awesome! He explained the process so well to us and spent time answering all of our questions. He was thorough and saw things the other mold testing company missed. This is who you want to inspect your home! We can’t recommend him enough if you need a trustworthy and reliable company!
remi smith 3/11/2024
Thank you for your professional work!
Judy C. 3/7/2024
Mold Inspection Sciences Client Review
Thank you for your professional work!
Judy C. 3/7/2024
Wonderful experience. Professional, courteous, and full of information.
Amy Kahler Arvada, CO, 3/6/2024
This company came highly recommended to us and based on my own personal experience with their team I can understand why.. they exuded immense kindness and professionalism in their approach, from the moment that I called them to our interaction with the technician Garner to the issuance in production of their reports. The reports were extremely helpful and helped our family immensely in regards to a child's very serious health conditon... The information helped us urgently narrow down the poi...
Lm Lm 3/1/2024
Delighted Client Review
The technician and the company exuded immense professionalism from the time of initial phone call inquiry research to the actual inspection site and reports.. I really appreciated their immense care in regard as well as total professionalism with a touch of immense kindness as well. We found their services to be extremely helpful for a child that had been getting very sick in one of two locations and their report confirmed the information that we needed so that we could mediate the area and g...
Jennifer K. Santa Cruz, CA, 3/1/2024
Delighted Client Review
Absolutely! He was so helpful and knowledgeable. I had many questions and he answered pleasantly and honestly felt like a family friend or neighbor coming by, I myself work on customer service and I can honestly tell you it’s been a good 4-5 years since someone has put in the effort
Jeanette L. 2/29/2024
I'm extremely grateful for the prompt service provided by Mold Inspection Sciences. They accommodated my short notice request and delivered quick results. Overall, they did a fantastic job.
Hot girl LON 2/27/2024
Fendley, onetime, and professional.
Cyndi Frausto, CMCA 2/27/2024
Mold Inspection Sciences Client Review
No extra feedback.
Quenn Ann COA 2/27/2024
Delighted Client Review
On time. Expected performance
Zbigniew G. 2/27/2024
Delighted Client Review
Great communication and very professional throughout the process.
Karen D. 2/27/2024
Delighted Client Review
I'm extremely grateful for the prompt service provided by Mold Inspection Sciences. They accommodated my short notice request and delivered quick results. Overall, they did a fantastic job.
Alondra M. 2/27/2024
Mark D. Was great to work with! He was very thorough, friendly, and helped explain everything along the way. Mark also took the time to explain to me all the best ways to keep my home safe. I would recommend Mold Inspection Sciences and Mark 100% to anyone looking to get a mold inspection or testing done at their home.
Nick Delgado Broomfield, CO, 2/26/2024
We worked with Mold Inspection Services to get tests done throughout our house after water damage - and they were fantastic! All-up, the company was incredible - responsive, took time to explain the steps, the results from the reports, the implications for and context around key decisions we would need to make... I'd also like to specifically give a Shout-Out to our inspector, Craig Cooper. He is amazing - so informed, so approachable, truly takes the time to make everything is done the right...
Mike Caplan 2/23/2024
Mold Inspection Sciences Client Review
Great experience!
Darrell B. Arvada, CO, 2/22/2024

4-star Rating! Thanks!

David Knight 2/21/2024
Mold Inspection Sciences Client Review
On time and timely services.
Kathy S. 2/19/2024
Delighted Client Review
He seemed very knowledgeable, and industrious. Also very polite and soft-spoken; all in all was really good experience having him here!
Skyler T. 2/16/2024
5-star rating!
William Tabor 2/15/2024
Mold Inspection Sciences Client Review
Michael I believe was our inspector and he was very thorough.
William T. 2/15/2024
Delighted Client Review
Good communication and very clear and thorough
Paul B. 2/15/2024
Had a great experience! Mike was so polite, helpful and thorough in taking all of the samples.
417 The Label 2/14/2024
We discovered some black mold on a wall and while I was able to visually treat it, I knew we needed to dig in a bit further. After calling around a bit, we discovered Mold Inspection Sciences.

From the moment I called, I felt at ease with Katie handling the intake and logistics. She explained their process and their methods. She matched me up with Garner who came a few days later.

Garner spent nearly an entire work day in our home, looking at every nook and cranny to fin...
Jason 2/14/2024
I could not be more grateful for you guys, especially Patrick. He was professional, thorough, knowledgeable and so compassionate. Mold related health problems can be so overwhelming. Thank you so much, Patrick, for your kindness and expertise!
Luna Sheroff Longmont, CO, 2/14/2024
Delighted Client Review
Explained everything v well
Elenor B. 2/14/2024
Delighted Client Review
He was very helpful! And took the time to answer all of my questions! Thank you!
Raffinee E. 2/13/2024

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