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I would recommend this company 100%, the dangers of mold are very serious and having an air test could save your life

Olivia P. Portland, OR, 5/20/2024

I recently had a mold inspection done by David M. from Mold Inspection Sciences, and I couldn't be more satisfied with the experience. David was very personable, professional, and thorough throughout the entire process. I’m a new homeowner, and it was great getting to ask a ton of different questions while David was going over the inspection results with me. He was very knowledgeable, kind, and patient, taking the time to answer all my questions in detail. He was also great with my rescue...

Caitlin T. Portland, OR, 5/18/2024

David is very though , professional, David did not pull any punches, did not hide anything and very honest.
I would recommend your company to anyone.
Thank you ,David

Sonny K. Battle Ground, OR, 5/17/2024

David did our mold inspection. He was informative, helpful and clear. I would recommend him.

Suzie K. Portland, OR, 5/15/2024

Cregg and Katie (scheduling) were great - able to get scheduled the next day. Explained everything I needed to know. Efficient. Friendly

JaCee B. Portland, OR, 4/26/2024

Craig was great! Patient in explaining process, thorough, and pleasant to work with.

Gail A. Portland, OR, 4/10/2024

Very professional and great communication about the work being done and next steps.

Gail B. Portland, OR, 4/5/2024

These guys are great! Very professional, highly skilled, tons of experience and excellent customer service!

Dan H. 4/4/2024
We were very pleased with Mold Inspection Services and especially Craig’s professionalism.
steve planchon 4/1/2024

I initially called Mold Inspection Sciences because I wanted a company that just did inspections for mold and not the remediation if necessary. (No conflict of interest.) I am glad I did. The technician, Craig, explained the process of the inspection, the samples he thought were necessary as well as the costs involved, and when I could expect the results. And, wow, Craig did the inspection and samples on a Tuesday afternoon. I received the results via email on Friday afternoon. Impressive....

Jane West 3/29/2024
Mold Inspection Sciences Client Review
Craig is very thoughtful, knowledgeable, and a great listener. Consummate professional.
Adam D. 3/26/2024
My parents are having a significant issue with mold in their independent living apartment (retirement facility). I was on the fence about hiring this company because the property management was taking care of the issue, supposedly. I didn't have full confidence in their process, so I decided to go ahead with an independent inspection through Mold Inspection Sciences, and I am so glad I did. Craig, the inspector, could not be more articulate, knowledgable, friendly, professional and thorough....
Susie G. 5/18/2022
Angis Client Review
I had a great experience with this company from my first point of contact with them until the final inspection report was delivered. They are great with client communications, they perform great work - Craig (the inspector who came onsite) was very professional, detail oriented, and thorough, and their rates were reasonable. Highly recommend this company if you are in/around Portland.
Allen M. 11/25/2020
We have had an intermittent mold smell in our bathroom for a year and tried every thing we could think of to get rid of mold. Craig was able to locate the source with one visit. He is incredibly knowledgable, professional, and friendly. I only wish I had called him sooner and will definitely use Mold Inspection Services if I need to again!
Andrea V. 11/14/2019
I requested for inspection of mold in 2 sites. Craig arrived on time and was so kind to tell me one area is not mold so I only had to have sample from one site. That saved me money not having additional sample taken. I very much appreciate the honesty. They explained the result in details and courteous with follow-up. I am relieved that I dont have toxic mold in my house. Their pricing is fair and integrity is high. Thank you so much for your help
Mya T. 10/16/2018
So far, I've worked with the company twice, and intend to again. If you have concerns about a home you're already in, or buying a home that could be water damaged or hazardous with mold, this company is *the one*. I interviewed and researched them all and am quite confident I found the best. First we called them for a home we rented that we suspected had mold. That data was really remarkable and helped us so much. With an educated and very discerning eye, equipment, and thoroughness of the hi...
Gizmo G. 8/23/2018
Angis Client Review
Craig was extremely thorough and careful as he went through the house. While he didn't find any water intrusion/mold, he gave us some suggestions to perhaps eliminate the order I was smelling (which of course my husband couldn't smell). He was personable and spoke to us in lay terms, but not like we were 5 year olds.
Kathleen A. 5/26/2018
Angis Client Review

We were very happy with the service from start to finish! When making the appointment, the entire process was described in detail, including prices, and when Craig got here, he went over how the inspection would go. Having that context--the people being good communicators--makes a big difference! Craig was happy to answer our many questions. He wrote up recommendations for lab tests in 5 places and we elected to do 4 of them. There was absolutely no pressure to do more, and no selling of a...

Adam D. 3/13/2018
Angis Client Review
Craig was professional, knowledgeable, prompt and courteous. He gave me a good idea of what to expect in dealing with the mold problem, which was a big help since I've not dealt with such things in the past.
Peter G. 1/25/2018
Craig was wonderful to work with and extremely knowledgeable. I appreciated his dedication and the time he spent answering all my questions. He didn't rush the job so we got a thorough report.
Lisa L. 10/9/2017

Mold Investigation Methods

Moisture Detection

Moisture Detection

Mold growth requires three things: mold spores, a food source (building materials), and moisture or water. So, where we find moisture, we find mold. By locating the source of moisture and identifying hidden water intrusions, we can focus our mold investigation in the right areas.

If there was water damage from a flood, a leak, or a natural event we can inspect and assess the water damage along with identifying the presence of mold and make recommendations on the best way to return the home or office to a healthy state. 

Infrared Technology

Infrared Technology

We use FLIR infrared camera technology to enhance our inspection services. This advanced, non-invasive technology allows our inspectors to zero in and identify potential sources of moisture to more accurately determine testing and sampling areas. This will allow us to make even more precise conclusions and recommendations for action during the inspection.

Sampling and Testing

Sampling and Testing

We often get questions about how we determine which sample types to recommend, why we recommended a specific number of samples, and other questions about our sampling approach - known as our Sampling Strategy. Through the course of the assessment, our inspector will put together a Sampling Strategy specific to your property that will allow us to pinpoint problem areas, determine overall contamination levels, guide remediation efforts when needed, or in other cases rule out mold as a source of concern. If you have questions about the type of samples used or are wonder how and why specific recommendations are made, you can find tons of information in our Sampling Guides. Feel free to reach out to us with specific questions.

Certified Mold Inspectors

Certified Mold Inspectors

Performing professional, high-quality inspections requires three things—certification, education, and experience—values we do not take for granted. Each of our inspectors, consultants, and project managers is a Certified Mold Inspector (MICRO and MIS CMI). To protect your liability, property, and health, it’s important to engage the services of a professional and certified mold inspector. 

No Conflict of Interest

No Conflict of Interest

We don’t perform mold remediation, repair, or construction. We have no interest in the outcome of our inspections other than to ensure you have the information needed to return your home or office to a healthy state. Our expertise guides us, and we never have a conflict of interest regarding our findings and recommendations. We use a science-based approach and only do inspections and testing, never remediation.

Specialized Air Sampling Equipment

Specialized Air Sampling Equipment

We use industry-standard sample collection equipment, meticulously maintained, and regularly calibrated to ensure the integrity of our samples and the accuracy of the results.

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