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Gary Otten, Environmental Consultant

Gary has been a huge asset to our team and is the type of well-rounded Environmental Consultant that we need in the Ohio region. He has vast knowledge of residential and commercial structures, not to mention the educational background in engineering be brings to the table which always proves to be helpful in so many ways. Outside of helping his clients with their indoor environmental concerns, Gary finds himself spending time with his wife and three children that he values immensely and for himself, Gary dabbles in the wood working world.

Licenses and Certification

  • MIS certified CMI (Certified Microbial Investigator)
  • MIS Certified Thermography Level I
  • MIS Certified Water Testing Technician
  • MICRO Certified CMI
  • Licensed Radon Tester - RT1251
  • Licensed Termite Inspector - 143796
  • Licensed Home Inspector Ohio OHI2019004394
  • Registered Drone Operator FA39H49CN7
  • COVID-19 Safety Guidelines for Home Inspectors and Contractors

IAQ Experience

Five plus years experience in IAQ working for MIS!


None that I know of.


Wood working.

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