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Mold Inspection Sciences Announces Their New Expanded Testing Capabilities to Offer FLIR Infrared Camera Technology

(17 October 2018) - Mold Inspection Sciences (MIS) today announces the rollout of FLIR E6 Infrared Cameras across Mold Inspection Sciences service areas throughout Phoenix. The introduction of this advanced, non-invasive technology allows MIS field teams to zero in on and identify potential sources of moisture during testing and sampling investigations.

The FLIR E6 has both a thermal and a visible camera that are used together to produce the patented FLIR image enhancement, called Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging, or MSX®. By enhancing thermal with visible details, the camera produces crisper imagery and greater perspective on the scene. It helps users immediately identify the area of moisture intrusion and more effectively execute home and commercial building mold inspections.

“The FLIR E6 is an essential tool for providing a more accurate diagnosis of a moisture problem hidden between walls – really identifying what lies beneath,” says Brandon Apple, Operations Manager of MIS. “With our testing methods already perfected, the E6 is an excellent addition to help better detect hidden moisture and mold problems.”

MIS will offer FLIR E6 infrared camera inspections as a part of its their mold inspection and testing services. This integration will help MIS streamline processes and procedures, and provide inspectors with an even more definitive understanding of mold and moisture problems. This in turn allows them to make conclusions and recommendations for action, if needed, on the spot, improving overall efficiency.

“The FLIR E6 thermal camera is an important inspection tool for professionals, and we are pleased it was chosen by Mold Inspection Sciences,” said Richard Wexler, Director of Marketing at FLIR. “Using thermal imaging, Mold Inspection Sciences can help reveal problems that were once invisible. At the same time, the company’s technicians will be able to provide visual proof of the issues they find. That’s a huge benefit to customers who are considering whether to begin remediation. We look forward to continuing our successful relationship with Mold Inspection Sciences in enabling its important mission to help consumers live in healthier and safer conditions.”

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