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5-star Google Reviews

Helen Lee Helen Lee 9/26/2022

We had a great experience with this company from scheduling to promptness and the thorough way they informed us of the process of taking samples and their recommendations. They had the report ready for us in the expected date and the person to review the report was patient to answer all my questions.

Joe Elizondo Joe Elizondo 9/07/2022

Tim showed up promptly and took his time to explain the process of his inspection. Once the inspection was over, Tim explained his findings, and why we should take samples. All in all we were very happy with the service we received.

A flooded home can result from internal issues, such as plumbing failures, or external events like flooding. Regardless of the source of the water, it’s crucial to take action to protect your loved ones, prevent health hazards, and save your home.

Even the most minor issues should be addressed when it comes to water damage. Mold, which grows where there is a moisture intrusion, can significantly impact indoor air quality and cause serious health problems. Visible mold growth can be seen in as little as 24 hours. It’s critical to be proactive and work on drying out your home within 48 hours after water damage occurs.

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Thank you to our inspector Gary from Mold Inspection Sciences for your time and patience. His inspection was thorough, and he was so patient with the dozens of questions I had. The whole team cares for their customers, and I am thankful we found Mold Inspection Sciences. Our lab results came back in three days, and a project manager immediately called us to review the results and provided extra support as we worked with a third party through the remediation process. Affordable, trustworthy, professional, patient, and thorough are the first things that pop into my mind when I think about this company. Thank you again, Mold Inspection Sciences!

-Elizabeth R, Google 5-Star Review

We’ve helped thousands of families and individuals with our proven science-based inspection and testing services to confirm what’s really happening inside of a property and determine the right next steps to help return both living and workspaces back to healthy conditions.


Utilizing state-of-the-art moisture detection and infrared technology, our mold consultants will assess and identify areas of concern in your property, but that’s only part of the process. After the necessary inspection, your consultant will recommend sampling based on the needs of your property and what the inspector found. Sampling is a critical part of any comprehensive mold or environmental investigation because it helps us confirm the presence of environmental hazards, including the type and quantity of hazard present. Samples also provide necessary data points that give a complete picture of a property’s condition, level of contamination, and steps needed to correct the issue(s), and return the property to a healthy state, ultimately providing peace of mind.

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When your property has been impacted by water damage, you don’t have time to wait. You need clear data and results as soon as possible to understand the extent of the issue you’re dealing with. Get in touch with one of our mold specialists by calling 1.800.619.6653 now to get your FREE quote.