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Kayla Strohfus, Office Manager

Kayla is someone on the team who has earned a boatload of credit for being one of the original builders of the cart that came after the wheel was built. If you are wondering how we are so “put together”, as a company, she has given us that and so much more. Kayla manages the office, is the coordinating director for the labs, tracks daily operations, and provides tools to both our Environmental Consultants and our clients that are absolutely crucial to our continuing success and growth. When she is not keeping all our moving parts greased and functioning properly, she is with her husband and son. The outdoors, health, and fitness are what drive Kayla outside of the workday and she enjoys those things together with her family in sunny Phoenix, AZ every chance they can get.


We have a dog and a lizard.


I like hiking and just got into mountain biking. I love activity/exercise outdoors. On the other realm of things I enjoy watching Hulu/Netflix to relax.

Do you have a favorite quote/song/book/movie?

Never wrestle a pig; you will both get dirty, and the pig likes it.

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