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Ben Wieser Project Manager

Starting with his Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences with an emphasis on Microbiology as a foundation, Ben has shown himself to be our sunny California resident expert in both the Science aspect of what we do as well as the public relations. Ben is stellar at giving both our clients and the general public a better understanding of the science of what we do, how we do it and why it’s important! In addition to being one of our more Senior Environmental consultants, Ben frequents the mountains for hiking and biking. When he is not enjoying nature to its fullest, he can be found on the basketball court, baseball /football field or in the nearest swimming hole. 

Licenses and Certification

  • MIS certified CMI (Certified Microbial Investigator)
  • MIS Certified Thermography Level I
  • MIS Certified Water Testing Technician
  • MICRO Certified CMI - 82416

IAQ Experience

Ben started his IAQ career in 2012 and joined Mold Inspection Sciences in 2016.


One cat named Moomoo.


Swimming, hiking, biking, baseball, football and basketball.

What else do you want our clients to know about you?

I've have a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences with Microbiology Emphasis.

Do you have a favorite quote/song/book/movie?

  • "How funny it is to be anything at all."
    - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
  • The First Law Series
  • Hook

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